oil spill recovery vessel


The OSRV is a special-purpose vessel, it was under the supervision of the BV classification society. The vessel is 64m in length and 13.6m in breadth and has a deadweight of 813 MT. It was built to serve in the oil terminals where the VLCC & ULCC are operating and where the crude oil is exported to the world.

Such operation in the oil terminals may cause a spilled oil or leakage of oil which causes the oil to be floated over the seawater and therefore cause pollution. The OSRV has heavy-duty oil recovery equipment on board that is able not only to remove the mixed oily water but to separate the oil from water using skimmers and then transfer the spilt oil to the recovery tanks onboard and discharge seawater overboard.

The oil recovery equipment onboard includes: a side collector skimmer, brush skimmer, 800-meter inflatable boom with reels, weir skimmer, brush/ disk skimmer, portable skimmer & spray arms. In addition to other components to fulfil the operation of the system such as towing sets, pumps, jib arms, cranes, etc.

Each of the above equipment is used in different situations, for example, it depends on the amount of spilled oil, the viscosity of the spilled oil, and weather conditions. For each situation, there is a piece of equipment so the oil recovery operation can be performed efficiently.

The vessel is also equipped with an infrared camera that can detect oil spills from long distances as well as an oil detection radar equipped in the wheelhouse. There is also 30 tons lifting capacity crane on the main deck that can be utilised in the operation.

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