By leveraging our long-established experience in building barges we were also able to expand into the design and construction of modular jack-up barges and platforms including accommodation jack-up barges which provide our customers with the state of art offshore living solutions.

We have combined our strong EPC record with the innovative and progressive designs of our exclusive accommodation designers at Poseidon Marine Engineering to form an alliance capable of producing and delivering leading accommodation and self-raising jacking systems. Our collaborative efforts have given us a leading edge to provide our clients with flexible and robust solutions across Europe and the Middle East.

Our RINA-approved designs have been prolific and some of the most recent examples include:

We have a strong and long-reaching pool of partners and suppliers to enable us to tackle any of your requirements. We thrive on solving your tomorrow’s challenge so no project is too small or large for us.

We offer our clientele consultancy services and help them achieve turnkey EPC+F and O&M. Please send us your queries for more details.


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