oil & chemical tankers


We design and build oil tankers that essentially carry oil or its products, and we have designed several types of tanker vessels, including oil tankers, chemical tankers and gas carriers.

Oil tankers often require specialized equipment and unique ship designs, and the safety regulations for the transport of oil are updated regularly.

Build quality is of the utmost importance and older vessels may need to be disassembled to make way for newer models.

Above all, the safety of the crew requires an optimized ship design and a thorough inspection of the ships during the construction phase in the presence of a recognized classification society to ensure quality standards are applied throughout the construction.

Oil tankers are often classified according to their size and role. The size classes range from Handymax, Panamax, Aframax, Suezmax, and VLCC with a deadweight of up to 200,000 DWT to the gigantic Ultra Large Crude Carriers (ULCC) which transport roughly 3,000,000 barrels of oil per voyage.

Our tankers can handle up to 65,000 DWT with an LOA of 250m.

Principal Particulars (65,000 DWT)

Principal Particulars (50,000 DWT)

Principal Particulars (35,000 DWT)

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